So, I Once Bought this Kayak…

April 2, 2012 4 Comments by Anthony

Like I was saying, I once bought this kayak…stay with me here. What on earth does a kayak have to do with a blog about business? Well, in a word; everything.

If you were thinking that the “kayak” was a metaphor or something literary and crafty, well, you’d be wrong. If you were thinking the same thing about, “sunglasses” you’d be right.

Let’s cut to the chase, insert a new term for “sunglasses”, let’s call them “risk”, “adventure”, or my favorite – “don’t push the red button.” One of the things I love about American culture is that it supports those who are risk takers, it rewards adventure. However, almost all of us who have lived on this green earth for a while can attest that things don’t always go according to plan.

What is this blog about, really?
This blog is a forum for business, creativity, leadership and technology. is about learning how to take “smart” risks in business, incubate creative ideas, lead others with passion, and make use of the amazing technology that surrounds us.

During my tenure in business, I’ve seen it all. Ok, no, I haven’t…but I have seen a lot. Successful business ventures, failed business ventures, a plethora of management styles, growth strategies, marketing campaigns and wiz-bang technologies. Let’s unpack what works, what doesn’t, and more importantly…why.

Why you should consider reading this blog:

  1. We will distill and “declutter” business and leadership trends, issues and fads.
  2. Offer hands-on methods to get you and your team thinking and acting on creative ideas.
  3. We will offer insight on new and emerging technology and its impact on the business landscape.
  4. It’s interactive! I want to hear what you have to say – this is a discussion, not a rant.

Oh okay, what about the sunglasses? Many years ago, I was given this very expensive pair of polarized sunglasses. (Side note: for those of you who don’t spend much time on the water (or aren’t sun-glass aficionados) polarization makes the sunlight much kinder on your eyes as it harshly reflects off the water). They were great sunglasses, but the problem was – I never wore them. Why you may ask? Well, that was just it; I didn’t have a good reason. Maybe it was the thought of scratching them or messing up their perfect ‘form’ with my need for ‘function’.

The “sunglasses” had aged a year at this point, and a good friend of mine decided it was time to make use of this great land with 10,000 lakes. A kayak owner I became. That first summer, we made it out on the water at least 20 times. After the first few outings, I finally decided my poor squinting eyes had endured enough; so I put on my sunglasses. The rest is history. The sky never looked so blue, the water never looked so clear, and my eyes had never felt so relaxed…things just felt right in the world.

My challenge to you
What are your sunglasses, and more importantly – why aren’t you wearing them? Put on your sunglasses and start looking at your life, your career, and your business in a new way that just, feels, right. Glad you stopped by, please come again soon, lots to discuss and I’d love to hear your opinions!

So, what’s on your mind?
What is your kayak? What are your sunglasses?


  1. Thompson Aderinkomi
    10 years ago

    I like the analogy using sun glasses with the kayak. Perhaps it is because the one and only time I have been kayaking was with my wife a few years ago in Bar Harbor Maine. We saw eagles, dolphins, and fish plenty, it was an amazing experience.

    The other reason I like the analogy is because as an entrepreneur I have ups and downs and it usually takes my mentors or my wife to make me see things defeats in a positive way. This was a good reminder to look at things differently utilizing with the tools and resources that we have at hand.

    • Anthony
      10 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback, Thompson. I’m glad you liked the post! Kayaks are amazing. I’ve been boating on lakes many times, but in a kayak you get to see so much more – it’s like being there for the first time all over again. Your comment about up’s and down’s reminds me of a great book by John C. Maxwell called, Failing Forward – so much of life and success if about perspective – hmmm, maybe an idea for a post!?

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