Integrity with Cheese.

April 10, 2012 1 Comment by Anthony

Don’t let the title of this post fool you. Yes, you are still reading a blog about business, and yes, cheese does equals integrity.

A little cheesy through and through
It’s a good thing. To be the same through and through. When you find a bright orange brick of cheddar at the local deli, you’d hope there wasn’t anything but cheese inside, right? What if you bought a pound of cheddar, cut it open and found it was filled with mayo, mold, or even worse…Limburger cheese – gag. Most people in life do not like surprises, they just don’t. We like to park in the same spot each day, sit in the same chair around the conference table, and make our coffee the same way.

(Side note: I don’t drink coffee – or anything caffeinated for that matter – and am fascinated by the obsession people have with it).

A rift
What happens in business and in life when “what you see isn’t what you get.” Call it bait and switch, “puffery”, or flat out dishonesty. It happens to us all, we’ve all been bamboozled at least once – what gives, right? What if we are the cheese? People “buy” us daily don’t they? As employees, as contractors, as consultants… many times, we are the “product”.

Integrity = #winning
Not the kind of winning coined by Charlie Sheen, but the kind of winning that builds relationships with your boss, your co-workers, your clients, and your family. The kind of winning that builds your social and business networks, both online and more importantly off. In Thomas J. Stanley’s book, The Millionaire Mind he studies self-made millionaires that build and keep their wealth. The most predominant trait that this elite group of winners shared was boundless amounts of integrity.

The word integrity is derived from the Latin word “integer” which means “whole” or “untouched.”

Are you an integer?
Do your customers, prospects, employers know exactly what they are getting? Are you making promises that you can deliver on? I hope you are, because relentless amounts of integrity can produce many kinds of fruit. A wide variety, including one we call: cheddar…oh, I mean profit.

Brick O' Cheddar

So, what’s on your mind?
Are there other values you would put ahead of integrity?

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