Be Invisible.

April 23, 2012 No Comments by Anthony

That’s right, you heard me correctly. Be Invisible, or at least transparent. Really two points I’m getting at here. But first, a story…

Give a little, get back a lot
I started teaching Business classes at a local private college in January of this year. Teaching has been an amazing experience and has helped me grow professionally as a consultant, and personally as a human being. If you have ever formally taught in a classroom, you know right where I’m coming from, if you haven’t, I will let you know two things you will learn as soon as you see 20 pairs of eyes focused on you and waiting for your direction.

1. Teaching isn’t about you, it’s about them.
2. Students can spot a “Phoney Baloney” a mile away.

These insights may not be that profound to some, but they certainly were to me. If you aren’t transparent, open and honest, your credibility goes right down the tubes – I touched on this a bit in an earlier post. In teaching, you hold the “power” but you are still out numbered. To build an effective classroom you need to create alliances, and quickly.

Parlay this lesson to leaders out there… Your team knows you better than you think, and many times, better than you know yourself. Whether it is “students”, “followers” or “employees”, they are more apt to judge and follow not what you say, but what you do (I would also add what you don’t say to the mix).

People who become invisible, are seen
Invisible leaders are seen, the paradoxical oxymoron aside – it’s true. If you truly want to propel your organization to new heights through your own Level 5 Leadership, you need to step out of the spotlight. The greatest leaders always put the needs of their followers first, and this is what takes them from Good to Great.

New to Level 5 Leadership? Here’s a great video by world renowned business author Jim Collins, with a brief description:

So, my challenge to you is to be invisible…or transparent at the very least. The success of your business unit, team or company is not about you, it’s about them. Moreover, you cannot succeed as a leader without casting a vision and motivating your team to win the game. A selfless leader will build loyal and engaged team members. This all to say, their success is your success; the two are inseparable.

So, get over yourself already! You want to win in business don’t you? I certainly do.

Question of the day:
How does it make you feel to be “invisible” as a leader? Are you there? Work to do yet? Disagree?

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